Bike rental in Groix

Information and rates for bike hire in Groix

To get around Groix by bike, here are the three establishments offering bike rentals in Groix. Bikini Bike and Coconut's Location rent bicycles on the quays of Port-Tudy. Au Vélo Vert offers a fleet of green bikes next to the cinema, just before the village.

A wide choice of bikes for hire in Groix

All bike rental rates are listed on the rental pages. You can choose to rent electric bikes, mountain bikes, children's bikes or tandems. We don't recommend using a road bike if you want to discover the narrow paths of our island of Brittany by bike.

The rise of electric bikes in Groix

Electric bikes in Groix are a real success, making it possible to explore the island with less effort. That's right, the island of Groix and its small relief can sometimes discourage you from taking certain roads. Not so with electric bikes. Each rental company offers its own range of electric bikes for an average of €25 to €30 per day. What's more, the bike rental companies will be able to point you in the right direction for the best bike tours in Groix. And to make sure you're well prepared for your stay, you can book your bikes now by calling the rental companies from their pages.