Crossing Lorient - Groix, tours of the island of Groix and fishing trips

Escal'Ouest is a maritime company based in Lorient that offers boat trips between Lorient / Port-Louis / Groix from April to September, tours of the island of Groix in the summer, as well as fishing initiation trips.

Crossing Lorient - Groix

Escal'Ouest offers boat crossings from Lorient La Base, with free, unlimited, unsupervised parking. Crossings from April to September, every weekend, public holidays and every day in July and August.

  • Departure from Lorient-La Base at 09:00 and 16:30
  • Departure from Port Tudy in Groix at 5:45 pm and 10:15 am

The shipping company also offers additional Saturday crossings in July and August and extra boats from July 17 to August 25.
Information and fares : here.

Commented tour of the island of Groix

Take a step back with Escal'Ouest, and change your point of view. From the sea, Garnet Island reveals all its beauty. Informed comments of a guide of the natural reserve of the island.

Every Tuesday from July 4th to August 29th.
Adults : 15 € | Children (5/17 years old) : 10 €.
Departure from Port-Tudy at 10:15 and return at 11:30.
Information and prices for the island tour : here.

Discovery and introduction to sea fishing

Accompany former fishermen around the island of Groix for 3 hours with Escal'Ouest. Take pleasure in feeling your line vibrate, especially since you may bring back mackerel and pout for your lunchtime barbecue!

Wednesdays July 12, 26 and August 09 and 23 :
Fishermen: 50€ | Non-fishermen companions: 35€.
Departure from Port Tudy at 08:00 and return at 11:30
Information and prices for sea fishing trips: here.

Address of the company's headquarters: 7 rue Amiral Dordelin, Building C, Celtic Submarine 3, Port of Lorient - La Base, 56100 Lorient

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Crossing Lorient - Ile de Groix :
Every weekend from April to September.
Every day in July and August.
Adults: from €22 return
Children: from €15 return

Tour of the island of Groix :
Every Tuesday from July 4 to August 29
Departure 10:15 - Return 11:30
Adults: €15
Children (5/17 years) : 10€ Free
Free for children under 4

Fishing trip around Groix :
Wednesdays July 12, 26 and August 09, 23
Departure at 08:00 - Return at 11:30
Fishermen: 50€ | Non-fishermen guides: 35 €.
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